This is an ongoing series of portraits that I started on my travels and has continued 2 years into my time up in the Highlands. Candid drawings made of people that I may know, and sometimes strangers. I am interested in the details that we often miss as we so often focus on faces. In a world dominated by ‘selfies’ I love noticing the ‘other side’. Creating these allows me to completely focus on the way that someone moves, their physical characteristics and dress. These are all draw straight off in pen as I enjoy being in the moment and not having to correct and change what could be seen as ‘mistakes’. I aim to capture the essence of that individual whilst they go about their daily lives.

‘I Carry You’

Having only lived up in the Highlands for around 4 months before we were thrown into lock down I found myself an ‘incomer’ as we’re called up here, with no way of really getting to know the folk in my community. Reading about the history of the fisher folk in my village bought to light the amazing strength of the fisher women, who would carry their husbands piggy back to the boats in the morning to stop them starting their shift wet and cold. This portrait project is a celebration of those women and of all the wonderful women and those they chose to carry that I met during this project.

My aim is still to display these on the beach by the firth where they were shot but for now I would like to share them here as its almost 2 years since I started this project in my community.

Huge thanks to these wonderful folk that stepped out into the water with me and shared some of their stories during 2020. x

(if you scroll back you can read my original post for this project)

Moons & cycles. Rapeseed in Blue.

In 2019 I created a series of works entitled ’18 Moons’. These abstract circular moon pieces were a response to the 18 months of travel I had been on and reflected that period of time through collage, print and paint in circular form.

I am revisiting this way of working and my love and celebration of colour. This latest series responds to the colour clashes of spring time up here in the Highlands of Scotland.

I’ve named this series ‘Rapeseed in Blue’.

Mixed media hand cut circles mounted on 330g/m2 Acid free Watercolour paper.

Circle: 9.5cm

Available framed


Not your usual landmarks

I am working on an ongoing series of drawings entitled ‘Not your usual landmarks’

These drawings were born out of my love of those off beat/un-noticed scenes and places in my locality. The places I notice everyday.

I will be adding to this series as I wander the Black Isle finding more views to commit to paper!

My first 2 offerings. Available as A4 signed prints of original ink drawings, on 320g/sm Pop’set matt paper £20



‘I Carry You’

A photography project inspired by the strong  fisher women of Avoch.

When I moved to Avoch and read about the women that would carry their husbands on their backs to and from the fishing boats to keep them dry I could see it all playing out in my minds eye. A comical but incredible image, one that shows the strength and fortitude of these women.
The act of carrying someone not only shows physical strength but symbolises strength in the wider sense. This photography project was conceived  to celebrate and honour these women and the women of present day Avoch in the form of a series of portraits.
I am interested in the stories and the diverse experiences that each woman brings to this project and am looking at developing my ideas to encompass these conversations alongside the photographs.
I am looking for women in Avoch that would be happy to have their portrait taken with a significant person in their life, whether that person is your husband,  wife, best friend or another  relative. I would like to direct and set up the poses as if you are carrying your chosen person on your back. The portraits will be taken by the water/or in if you’re game!. I am really happy to chat with you and explain further if you are interested in joining me.
These photos will give testimony to the different ways that we can be strong with the women being our primary focus.
I hope that you will join!
If you would like to participate you can email me here

‘I see you, you see me’

‘i see you, you see me’

During this lockdown period I have turned my eye inwards towards my home and the objects that help to create it.

My ‘Cabinet of curiosities’ is a chance for me to take these objects out of context and elevate their status. Like my objects, I have been a constant in this space and in being so, I have observed my belongings transforming, from inanimate to animate.

In creating composite images of these artefacts, I am able to create another layer of meaning as I observe the growing relationship and stories between the objects, led by their unique aesthetics, their sometimes imperfections and their previous lives.

‘i see you, you see me’